Part 3: Creating Your First Campaign on Organiz

22 Oct 2021

Creating Your First Campaign

You have decided to host a social media action. You have a set of hashtags, a targeted campaign and a group of members ready to tweet and retweet. Great! Organiz can help create your campaign, and consolidate all your media and tweets together in one place. Once the campaign has finished, you will receive feedback on how your campaign did - number of retweets, likes, and replies, as well as potential reach. In this post we will walk through how to create a campaign.

Here are the steps to creating a campaign:

Request to be an Organizer Once you have signed into Organiz you can request to be an organizer on our platform. This allows you to create campaigns, or Twitter Storms. It also allows you to invite others to join your campaign and create tweets that will get sent out during your campaign.

Create a Campaign Under the Campaigns home page click on the button, “Create Campaign”. This allows you to create a new campaign.

Here are the details of each of the text fields:

  • Campaign Name The name of the campaign that will show up on Organiz.

  • Campaign Category How to categorize your campaign. There are currently a handful of issues you can select from. Select the one that matches the scope of work of your campaign.

  • Start Date and Time When your campaign starts and when it ends. The start date refers to when your tweets will start to get sent out, the end time refers to when the campaign will end.

  • Duration The length of the Twitter Storm. We recommend to set your campaign to cover 2-3 hours. This will give your hashtags the best chance of going viral.

  • Add a cover photo Adding a cover photo allows your campaign to stand out, and send home the message your campaign is trying to convey.

  • Talking Points writing prompts designed to give your campaign tweets personality. They allow others to contribute their own unique voices to your campaign.

A Note about talking points

Talking points are writing prompts designed to give your campaign tweets personality. They allow others to contribute their own unique voices to your campaign. With talking points, campaign supporters will have a chance to think about the campaign, and write about how the issues driving the campaigns they have joined affect them personally.

When crafting your talking points, think about the story that you want to tell. Check out the Center for Story Based Strategy’s guide here to help get you started on adding talking points.

You are now ready to share your campaign! Once you have filled out the above fields you will be taken to the campaign page, where you can see your list of scheduled tweets, media, and supporters. You can now add a summary, which can provide more context on the campaign. Use the invite link to send emails to your members so they can join, or send a tweet with the invite link for people to sign up.

Once your campaign goes live, you should start seeing your scheduled tweets roll out. You can check your campaign home page to see all your scheduled tweets, and who has participated. After the campaign has completed you will get a set of metrics to show you how well your campaign did. These metrics will help you understand what content worked, and what content did not.

For more information check out this useful YouTube on creating a campaign on Organiz.

Ready to get started? Create your campaign now!