Part 2: Planning a Twitterstorm

22 Oct 2021

Honestly, running a social media action like a Twitterstorm from scratch is a lot of work. It requires subject matter experts to come up with a strategy based on their research and the current discourse on the topic. The output of this work is usually a social media toolkit that lives in a Google drive as a document consisting of easily understandable talking points, hashtags, and targets. The toolkit will also consist of visual content to be shared out during the action. From here this toolkit requires buy-in and approval from multiple stakeholders who may be spread out across time zones and communication channels. On the day of the action these partners and their base will need to be reminded to post and engage with related posts on social media.

Organiz takes the pain out of managing and coordinating social media actions by providing a central platform for hosting content, scheduling posts ahead of time, sending reminders to participants on the day of the action, and providing analytics about the reach of the action. You will no longer need to create social media toolkits on Google drive.

Let’s go over the essential components of coordinating an effective social media action. Once you have figured out the goal of your action (We'll cover some frameworks for arriving at your narrative strategy in a later post) you will have to decide these key points:

Set a time Think about when you want your tweets to go out and when the most number of your partners are available to engage with those tweets? Do you want to time this to coincide with a conference or Town Hall? Is there an action that needs to get done by a certain date, such as gathering signatures for a petition?

Pick a set of unique hashtags Think about your audience, keep it short and simple, and try to make sure this hashtag conveys the message of your campaign concisely. You shouldn't need more than 3 hashtags. Consider also incorporating a hashtag from a counter-campaign in order to take it over--often referred to as hashtag hijacking.

Schedule tweets around the hashtags If you are working with people from different timezones, offer them the ability to schedule a tweet before the Twitterstrom goes live. You may want to explore the idea of Talking Points, or writing prompts to get people thinking about the campaign. This will help seed the action with a diverse set of perspectives while keeping to the objectives of the action.

Invite folks to your Twitterstorm Now is the time to get people activated! Reach out to your member base, send out emails, and of course, tweet out the details of your Twitterstorm.

Organiz handles all of this. By just filling out a few text fields you can have your campaign scheduled to go live when you want. Easily invite members of your community to your Twitterstorm, and schedudule tweets ahead of time.

We will go over creating a campaign on Organiz in the next blog post.

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